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Leveraging Process Expertise to Deliver Exceptional Customer Support at Scale

Team Boldr

32 Degrees chooses Boldr to Re-design, Document, and Build a New Customer Support Process

32 Degrees is a manufacturer and online retailer of activewear-inspired apparel and accessories. Their innovative fabric technology provides comfort at affordable prices, making their products some of the most popular and recognizable on the market.

Founded in 2009, the company began as a wholesale business, targeting department stores and specialty stores. While they flourished in this space, they set their eyes on their next stage of growth: e-commerce. After testing the waters in D2C since 2016, the team decided it was time to invest and go all-in in 2019.

This new direction required a new strategy and more deliberate investments that would better fit an e-commerce model.


32 Degrees was ready to take the next step.

Facilitating an Effective, Efficient Customer Support Knowledge Transfer from Day 1

32 Degrees set out to look for an outsourcing partner with the expertise to define, document and build a Customer Support strategy. A team that would scale with the growing D2C business and help them apply best in class customer support practices while hitting the ground running.

“We spoke to a couple of potential partners and finally decided to go with Boldr. With everyone else, we went through the usual sales process -- speaking to sales reps or sales planners -- and having these transactional conversations. But with Boldr, it was very different. From our first call, they showed a deep interest in our business, in helping to build and tailor a solution for our needs. And since then, they’ve led with their best foot forward, always. ” Brandon Fields, Director of Ecommerce at 32 Degrees.

Boldr got to work quickly; analyzing 32 Degrees’ current process documentation while setting up Q&A sessions with the in-house customer service department to learn about their processes. Within 4 weeks, the Boldr Team was staffed, trained, and had started taking over email and live conversations.

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A Comprehensive Process Documentation that boosts Productivity, powers Innovation and simplifies Training

The Boldr team organized all the information provided and developed a Process Documentation Directory, Tools Guide, and Standard Operating Procedure Manual. Using these documents, 32 Degrees was able to provide clear and consistent answers to customer issues. From not having a CSAT Score, they began to document, troubleshoot, and get the score up to 95%+ in less than 60 days.

Creating a more defined process also allowed them to resolve tickets faster by making it easier to find the correct information and prioritize customer concerns. The response time during business hours improved by an impressive 86%, from 14 hours to less than 2 hours -- with plans for even more accelerated responses in the foreseeable future. More customer issues solved more quickly means better customer experiences overall.

On top of the impressive CSAT and improved response times, 32 Degrees leveraged the newly structured process to optimize and maximize their helpdesk. Specifically, the documentation and insights provided the team with the means to implement a tagging system for robust data reporting and to automate the tagging process to cut time spent on administrative tasks. Faster than expected, the 32 Degrees team was moving toward deeper insights in a more automated way. Having such a great foundation has positioned 32 Degrees to expand what it can accept and deliver on the support side as well, notably, enhanced approaches to returns and cancellations. Value-added benefits that would not have been possible without the Boldr partnership.

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A Strong Customer Support Outsourcing Partnership in the Toughest of Times

“The primary driver of a successful partnership is how well, how thorough, the implementation process is. So we’re not surprised with how well the Boldr partnership has gone so far.” Brandon Fields, Director of Ecommerce at 32 Degrees. “This is exceptionally true given the timing of our implementation, which synchronized almost perfectly with the global shutdown due to COVID-19. Boldr was detail-oriented and true experts when it came to customer support. But more than anything, they were thoughtful, flexible, and reliable partners during the most difficult of times.”

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